10 Common manifestations of allergies

  1. Itchy eyes – Affected people are constantly rubbing their eyes in order to ease the allergy3itchy feeling. Associated with reddening of the eyes and sometimes sensation of something foreign in the eye. They also tend to have dark skin below the eyes and others may even have puffiness (bags swollen) under their eyes. These people react to all manner of things that could be dust, allergens in the air and others. Secondary eye infections are common due itch with dirty hands.
  2. Itchy nose – These people tend to rub the edge of the noses repeatedly to ease the allergy10itch. May or may not be associated with a runny nose. These people may be reacting to many things like strong smells or allergens in the air like dust and animal fur.
  3. Itchy ears – These are people who experience an intense itch in allergy6the ear and it is common to find them sticking things into their ears to relieve the itch. Sometimes they itch to the extent of causing pain in the ear canal and sometimes infections also follow. They are also culprits of leaving foreign bodies in the ears and usually cotton buds that were dislodged from ear buds.
  4. Itchy throat – These are people who are constantly using their tongues to scratch allergy13the back of their throats and the roof of their mouths due to a feeling of intense itchiness. Usually associated with discomfort or itchiness of the ears. Some people complain of having secretions dripping at the back of the throat. Others are always clearing their throats to ease a nagging irritation.
  5. Itchy rash – Itchy rash usually in the folded surfaces of skin like front of elbow joint, allergy2back of knees, front of neck, cheeks of infants are common manifestations of eczema. This is an allergic skin reaction one is born with. These people experience flare ups with intense itchiness and moments of complete disappearance of the rash. Others develop a rash with drier, tougher skin that does not completely disappear or takes time to clear.
  6. Pimples – These can manifest either as small raised red itchy red lesions on the skinallergy 17 or big itchy pimples on the body. These tend to result from a reaction to something that has been consumed like milk, meat or eggs. They tend to occur in different parts of the body at the same time.
  7. Contact dermatitis– This means that a person reacts to allergy 15something their skin has come into contact with and the reaction is usually localized to that one spot. One can react to metals, plastics, latex, chemicals or even cold. These people either develop a rash over the contact area or redness with intense itching over the area. The reaction occurs only with exposure to these substances and recurs with repeated exposure.
  8. Sneezing, runny/blocked nose – These refers to people who go into an episode of Allergy1repeated sneezing due to exposure to an item their body cannot tolerate. Can be a strong smell or exposure to tiny particles like dust mites or animal fur. Some people react to the cold environment so that a few minutes after they leave their beds they start sneezing until the body adapts to the weather. People reacting chronically to something have continuous runny or blocked noses and tend to develop a nasal speech.
  9. Cough – People experience a dry, irritating cough that is usually worse at night, inallergy 16 the early morning and when exposed to a cold environment. It is one of the symptoms of asthma and it results due to temporary narrowing of the small airways to the lungs. This result in build-up of secretions and these people will cough continuously until they expel some secretions then they feel better. Chronic irritation can lead to permanent narrowing of airways.
  10. Diarrhea and/or constipation – This is usually a manifestation of allergy to a type of food. Some people react to proteins while others react to wheat based products like bread, mandazi and chapati. Consumption of these foods then results in diarrhea or constipation and in some instances alternation between the two.allergy5

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